The Kinks

The History of the Kinks Part 1: 60′s-70′s

With a set-list dominated by new songs like “Village Green,” “Well-Respected Man,” “Victoria” and “Mr Churchill Says,” the dandy Kinks were out of step with the heavy rock that was in vogue, as well as the scruffy style of the kaftan-clad, stoned audience at the Fillmore East, smoking joints in their seats. The hippies issued approving grunts and raised their fists to prog-rock openers Spirit, who played long solos seriously and refused to acknowledge Ray when he said hello backstage. Read more


Anderson Cooper, the Ridicuclist

The matter of his own prospective ”weirdness” could be a worthwhile area of examination for Cooper if he ever ponders why he’s shedding so much audience share. It may be that remaining viewers are turned off by the faux straight-laced newsman’s inner vulgarity, expressed through frequent panelists like Dan Savage and Kathy Griffin and their dull, tacky quips that make the “Most Trusted Name in News” seem like an R-rated Will & Grace episode. Read more

Chris Lane's Accused Killers

Common Ground

Chris Lane’s death from a thrill kill drive-by doesn’t fit the narrative of racist whites terrorizing hapless black youth advanced by race hustlers from Al Sharpton on down to the President. The Lane parents cannot expect to see the same level of public outrage expressed by celebrities like Jamie Foxx, Bette Midler, and Lena Dunham over their son’s death as that of Trayvon Martin. Read more


Bill Clinton’s Birthday

Yesterday was the birthday of Bill Clinton. His 67th year finds the sprawling global venture he launched in 2001 (soon to be known as the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation) under increased scrutiny after a New York Times article raised questions about mismanagement, mishandling of money and rampant cronyism. Read more


The Purse Vs The Butler

For the ultimate experience in liberal agit-prop, rush out and see Lee Daniels’ The Butler. The movie features FDR portrayed by Robin Williams, Richard Nixon as interpreted by John Cusack, and Nancy Reagan played by Jane Fonda, who famously sat atop a North Vietnamese gun turret in July, 1972 and wished death on American soldiers. Read more

Michelle Knight Hero


For many, Michelle Knight’s reading of her prepared statement was deeply moving. It was the longest and most expansive segment of the brief professionally shot video that was produced by a PR agency and filmed at the offices of their attorneys in Cleveland, Ohio. Knight’s statement could not have been placed anywhere but last. Read more



Some time after the President scooted off, Hillary Clinton spoke with Gregory Hicks by telephone. Hicks was the Deputy Chief of the U.S. Embassy in Libya and one of the last people to speak with Ambassador Stevens, who told him what was going on in Benghazi. Shortly before being murdered, the Ambassador made it clear to Hicks that the Benghazi facility was under attack by terrorists. Read More


The Responsible Use of Rock & Roll

What does it mean to be a rock star? Rock (or pop) stars of today, like Chris Martin, Adam Levine,  Radiohead, Beyonce Knowles, or Lady Gaga, are increasingly the conventional products of wealthy families who sponsor and shepherd their offspring’s entry into the music industry. The goal from the start is to create a product with the widest possible appeal. There’s  no moral quandary about “selling out” because securing a contract with a major label is the entire point. Read more.


What We’re Doing Is Saying We’re Versailles

Next it was the President’s turn. He stepped to the podium to the bumping sounds of Wiz Khalifa’s “All I Do Is Win.” Bucking tradition, the President declined to take any pot shots at himself or say anything of a self-deprecating nature, though he did tell the gathered press that it was their job to keep him humble (pause) and they were doing a poor job (laughter). Read more


Cold, Cold Hearts

Many liberal media ghouls were explicit about their cold-hearted desire to have killers that would suit their political ends. The cruel opportunistic thinking engendered by the horrific event was on full display the day after the bombing in David Sirota’s heartless article for Salon: “Let’s hope the Boston marathon bomber is a white American.” Read more


Snake Eats Tail

Two recent celebrity news stories show just how rabid the leftist attack dog mentality has become in the Obama decade. In both instances, liberals deliver scathing and career-savaging attacks on two of their own, celebrities Brad Paisley and Ashley Judd, in odd displays of reflexive aggression. Read more

cops 1800

Cops Vs. Color Of Change

It’s bad enough that the self-appointed cultural mullahs at Color of Change  are trying to take credit  for knocking a popular and long-running show off the air after it’s already been announced that this is the final season. But the left-wing bullies are also seeking credibility and influence that they can use the next time they want to decide what other people should or should not be allowed to do with their free time.. Read more.


The Beatles Sucked (A Brief History of Rock)

The history of the Beatles is a story so well-known and oft told that it had already become mythic while the principals were all still alive. Its been the subject of countless books, documentaries, and dissertations. Posthumous movie tributes include the irreverent Rutles project (backed by George Harrison) then Hollywood’s druggy, turgid 1978 love letter “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band” and the more sober and reverent recent iterations (“Backbeat,” “Nowhere Boy”) that were tied in with a massive public-relations campaign to raise public awareness of the Beatles’ greatness. Read more


The Beyoncé Problem

The motor of perception is a conciliator. Its natural object is to make connections and impose order. A viewer will infer a connection between the content in a sequence of film and a tape of randomly selected music when the two are played together. He or she will construe a resonance of meaning where none was intended. Read more